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Stress Free Productivity

By LBF2023 (other events)

Monday, November 6 2023 12:30 PM 2:00 PM BST

This interactive event will solve problems with employee retention, high levels of illness, divisive business culture, low morale, low productivity, poor employee survey results, poor customer relationships and them leaving before the end of contractual dates. 

How to increase your business productivity, revenue and employee well being by looking at:

  • Leadership engagement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Engagement
  • Mental Resilience

About Marc Rowley

I have been working in Corporate organisation for 26 years and have been increasing productivity (employee engagement scores, customer satisfaction, process improvements, employee mental resilience, leadership training, revenue stream reviews and profit increase) during this time. My leadership skills are legendary because:

  1. I have 30 years’ experience, leading people and finding the ways that work (empathetic and with humility)
  2. A MSc in Leadership and Management (used mindmaps throughout the whole course, due to my dyslexia, and got a merit)
  3. I study the psychology and neuroscience around how the mind works, how to motivate, enthuse and get the best out of a majority of people
  4. I understand Leadership and Management is not just a set of processes and procedures, it's vital element a human skills, such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, active listening, the list goes on.
  5. I receive personal recommendations (see the file attached which is a download from LinkedIn recommendations)
  6. I teach mental resilience life skills wherever I go as I understand all aspects of stress, anxiety, worry and self confidence

I am a practicing counsellor (Level 5), a practitioner in NLP and CBT, a trustee of a homeless prevention charity (The Bridge - East Midlands), a professional speaker, skilled training, I’m in the process of setting up a charity to empower young people to gain valuable life and business skills, and I raise money for Action for Children in the village I live in.