Salary Sacrifice and Electric Cars - Employee Benefits

By LBF2023 (other events)

Friday, November 10 2023 10:30 AM 11:15 PM BST

During the session we will cover off the benefits of introducing a salary sacrifice electric car scheme into your organisation, including staff retention, carbon footprint, driver safety and financial incentive for both employer and employee. We will discuss how launching the scheme benefits all involved, including the support we provide both the company and its employees to ensure we find the right solution for them. Our ‘All-in-One’ package provides employees the option to include vehicle maintenance, vehicle insurance and a fitted EV charger, meaning further savings can be made. This makes budgeting easier, especially in a time of rising costs.

We also provide solutions and financial protection should the lease need to end early to mitigate any financial risks associated with vehicle leasing whilst also increasing loyalty between organisations and its staff, which is the primary goal for many companies. Although salary sacrifice benefits have been available for many years, it has accelerated recently due to government incentives including fixed low ‘Benefit-in-Kind’ and commercial grants for EV Chargers with the sole goal of transitioning drivers into more greener solutions.

This session will be hosted by our Salary Sacrifice expert who will be on hand to answer questions at the end of the session

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