Managerial Speak

By LBF2023 (other events)

Friday, November 17 2023 1:00 PM 1:45 PM BST

As managers the way we speak to employees is vital. We have the power to inspire or to end someone's career. This talk is looking at considering new ideas when it comes to management of people and how we relate to them. It doesn't mean we have to rip up the current process, just that we have to gently improve it. This is about creating a workplace culture where everyone improves each other.


  • Then and now: (2 mins) Brief introduction the company I used to work for and where I am now. 
  • Come and get some: (2Mins) Brief introduction to me as a person and my martial arts background. This will become clear why this is in here later
  • I quote: (1min) Some quotes that were said to me at my last workplace by my pervious manager. This sets the scene for my own expose to a toxic working culture. 
  • Let me tell you some stories: (10min) This section tells the background story for each of those quotes and also sets up the narrative even further. 
  • What I expect from a manager: (5min) What we as employees expect from a manager and how we want our manager to understand our wellbeing. Underlining they don't have to be our best friend but they do have to TRY and understand us. 
  • How and what: (10min) The power of How and What questioning and why it is a good way to change the culture. A very powerful tool. 
  • Traits of a toxic manager: (5min) Things to look out for and also questions you can ask at a job interview to get a flavour of the culture
  • Wellbeing call: (5min) A thing we do at Trelleborg called a wellbeing call. 
  • ADHD: (5min) As someone with ADHD the way managers speak to neurodiverse employees needs to be examined. Some very simple tips on how this can be achieved. 
  • Don’t change but change: 15mins) Closing. The sum up and also some time for questions.