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Introduction to Sustainable Business Practices: Key Tips, Insights and Practical Guidance

By LBF2023 (other events)

Wednesday, November 15 2023 2:00 PM 4:00 PM BST

Join us for an Introduction to Sustainable Business Practices, hosted by De Montfort University and the National Space Centre. This informative session will provide attendees with key tips, expert insights, practical guidance, and the knowledge and tools to embrace sustainability and thrive in today’s evolving business landscape.

Event Structure

The event organised by De Montfort University and the National Space Centre will have the following structure:

  • Karl Letten, Sustainability Manager at De Montfort University, will kick off the event with an engaging presentation. He'll highlight the current state of sustainability in business using facts and figures, emphasizing its critical importance in today's market. Drawing from his experience, Karl will discuss DMU's sustainability journey and share actionable insights, equipping businesses to integrate sustainable practices and understand their carbon impacts.
  • Jamie Coull, representing the National Space Centre, will take to the stage to showcase their remarkable strides towards sustainability and their commitment to achieving net-zero operations. This segment promises an eye-opening look into innovative sustainability initiatives; attendees will gain fresh perspectives on the diverse ways in which businesses, regardless of their field and size, can contribute to more eco-friendly future.
  • Eliza McCann, founder of Noelle Ltd, a Leicestershire based SME, will join us to showcase how she successfully integrates sustainable practices into her day-to-day business operations, proving that every business has the potential to make a positive impact. Eliza will also share challenges she has encountered, strategies employed, and positive outcomes achieved.
  • The event will conclude with an engaging Q&A session, allowing attendees to interact directly with both speakers. This is a unique opportunity to clarify doubts, seek personalised advice, and explore ideas that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the critical importance of embracing sustainable practices in today’s market to stay competitive and relevant.
  • Recognise the impact of sustainability-conscious consumer purchasing habits on business decisions and strategies.
  • Gain actionable insights and best practices to integrate sustainable approaches in your business operations.