Carbon Neutral Need NOT Cost the Earth for your Business

By LBF2023 (other events)

Thursday, November 16 2023 10:00 AM 11:00 AM BST

This workshop held in partnership with Auditel, a BSi Associate consulting firm, will seek to unclutter some of the confusion surrounding emissions management and carbon reporting. Our panel of experts will explore the reasons why Carbon management in your organisation is becoming important for us all. We will also examine the challenges and mis conceptions faced by many businesses when it comes to tackling their own Carbon footprint.

A detailed explanation will then be provided on the BSi PAS 2060 certification of Carbon Neutrality and how gaining this internationally recognised specification can help you win more business and ensure the long term future for us all, both in our businesses and our world in general.

Auditel have over 27 years’ experience in energy management and full scope procurement reviews, Auditel help clients measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions in a way others cannot. Auditel help their clients in a way others cannot by combining full carbon footprint reporting and reduction planning with deep dive procurement reviews to ensure not only a reduction in Scope 3 Green House Gas (GHG) emissions but also to unlock potential cost savings to help fund further carbon reduction projects in the organisation. All of which helps their clients gain BSi PAS 2060 certification for the demonstration of Carbon Neutrality.

The agenda will focus on four key areas:

  • What are GHG emissions?
  • Why Carbon Neutral
  • PAS 2060:2014
  • Pathway to Net Zero


  • Nilesh Vithlani (Auditel affiliate consultant)

Join Nilesh Vithlani, a Cost, Procurement, and Carbon Specialist with Auditel. In this session, we will talk a little about achieving carbon neutrality, our experience as an organisation, and, more specifically, the PAS 2060 certification for carbon neutrality.

Nilesh is passionate about helping organisations, including SMEs, to reduce their carbon emissions and their costs at the same time. Making a real difference to the organisations by saving them time, money, and our planet.

  • Robert Allison, Carbon Solutions Director, Auditel UK Ltd.

Robert has over 30 years’ experience in procurement solutions and supply chain management. As a main Board Director with Auditel UK Ltd, Robert holds the strategic lead for Auditel’s own Carbon Solutions team. Robert is an active member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

With numerous years of experience in global sourcing and procurement solutions Robert is also well versed in establishing global supply chain and driving continuous improvement through effective supplier relationship management.

Robert has spoken extensively in the past about the important role Carbon emissions will play in general procurement as the definition of best value changes over time.

With some estimates suggesting that well over 60% of most organisations emissions sit within scope 3 areas such as supply chain, Robert’s blend of Procurement and Carbon management make for an informative and entertaining insight to an otherwise confused market place.